No alert received when secondary uplink fails on mx-95

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No alert received when secondary uplink fails on mx-95

We have 2 up-links configured in load-balancing mode.

When primary up-link fails, we receiving alert, but surprisingly no alert received when secondary failed but primary in working.

Please guide how to get alerts when any of up-link fails?

Thanks in advance..Meraki Gateway status 31.03.22.PNGAlerts Settings.PNG


Kind of a big deal

Interessting, same "problem" as using a AGGR on switch uplinks. You only get a alert when both links went down.

In that case support also told me to make a wish.

Means have to wait till meraki will realize that this feature to be added 🙂

Kind of a big deal

The more who request it, the sooner it will be added 🙂 

Already told my colluegues to do so 😄

Kind of a big deal

Another way could be to configure a monitoring system such as Zabbix to monitor these interfaces.

Getting noticed

Same problem here,  many of my MX have a secundary link  and im not being able to promptly detect when theese goes down,  also many times when we add a secundary link is because althought of redundancy there is a need for more bandwwith wich may be not possible over one link.

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