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Network Disconnect Report

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Network Disconnect Report

We're deploying Meraki MX68cw devices to our stores across multiple states. 

I'm currently trying to pull a report to see the following: 


  • How many times in the last 90 days has a store experienced an internet outage? 
  • When a store was disconnected from WAN, how long did that outage last? What percentage of outages lasted more than 15 minutes? 

Is there a report available to make gather this information for the entire organization? Or is this likely something I'll need to pull from each store specifically? 


Any help or guidance would me much appreciated! 




Re: Network Disconnect Report

I do not believe there is a native way in Meraki dashboard to get this information. The closest to this I have seen is the Organization Summary report but it does not give the level of detail you want. It only shows the uptime percentage for an uplink port along with jitter and latency. The only way I have done this before is by using a 3rd party tool like PRTG to collect data via snmp. I would also be interested in knowing how others are doing this.

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Re: Network Disconnect Report

You could utilize Meraki API ? Mabye this


Meraki Insight can give you overview of this for the last week but no the exact result you want.


Mabye monitor the devices by API and gather the data by yourself so you can get the exact result you want.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Network Disconnect Report

I'm thinking you'll need to pull the event log for each store, and look for up/down events.

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