Need ability to test VPN setups on internal network before sending staff home

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Need ability to test VPN setups on internal network before sending staff home

I am trying to find documentation somewhere on how to set up an MX64 to allow vpn connections from the internal network. My boss doesn't like the fact that we aren't able to test it on the machines before employees take them home because the 1 in 20 that need a little extra help connecting are causing too much downtime. I know there should be a way. I just can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

The "right" way to test is to use it as the users do. Connect the test pc to a cellular hotspot and connect to the outside interface.

I agree, but the boss doesn't like that solution...

Your boss doesn't like working solutions? 😲

Kind of a big deal

What about getting an additional cheap domestic Internet circuit to use for testing?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you have a range of static IPs, connect the device on a different IP and come on from there to the MX.

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we do it the same way as @PhilipDAth mentions.


We have a standard fibre BB connection from BT (we are in the UK) that we use to connect our test kit to meaning we can test them out before sending/deploying to site.


cheap solution 🙂



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