Moving MX Device to a Different Network

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Moving MX Device to a Different Network



I have a client who had Meraki implemented by a third party some time ago and for some reason they isolated their firewall into its own network, screwing up the useful reporting features.  I see that there is no way to simply move an MX device but I see that I can remove it from the network.  If I remove it from the network and re-add it to the proper network (with APs, switches) will it lose its config?  Would it simply be easier, and less risky, to move the other devices to the MX specific network and then rename?


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Yes, all configurations will be reset when removing the device from one network to move it to another one.


You should be able to create a template from the device before moving it, and then assign the template to be allowed on the network you're moving it to.


Edit- It's been awhile since I've moved MS devices (never moved an MX), so I can't remember what settings didn't move, but it wasn't like a full wipe of the device.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@dromios you should be able to simply combine the MX network into the existing MR/MS network.  It doesn't normally cause any loss of settings, the only issue I've seen is when the MX network is the core of a multi site SD-WAN organisation.

Kind of a big deal

I'm with @cmr here. Combining would be the best path for you.




This is the knowledge base article that is mentioned:

Kind of a big deal

When you're splitting and combining, just a heads up:

You may need to scroll way down to reach the end of the splitting box @BrechtSchamp shows, on a secondary scroll bar.


If your MR/MS network is "combined", split it. Combine the has-device MX network in with the resulting switch and wireless networks. Delete the empty appliance-type network once you're done, for tidiness.

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