Meraki with Sonic wall design help

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Meraki with Sonic wall design help

So we have an existing sonicwall stack that is going to be phased out, but because of the way its setup now(the network) we need to keep it as well as the existing dell switch stack.  We have the following equipment


2x Sonicwall in HA currently both plugged into breakout

4 dell PC switches in stack

1x MX84

2x MS120


at remote side there is a dumb netgear switch with fiber running to an old building being phased out that runs to this main building.. That fiber is going away.. Enter 1MX64 and MS120


So heres my dilemma.  2 subnets one each side, both gateways are the sonicwall interfaces.  10.20.156.x/10.20.160.x  


Right now MX84 wan is plugged into dell switch with the fiber for 160 subnet, so its getting a dhcp address.  The other subnet is 100% static.  What I want to be able to do is


Plug MX Wan port into breakout switch, plug MS switches into mx(as they are), remove the uplink from mx to the dell switch.  Have native vlan 1 be the 10.20.156.x and a voice vlan of 10.20.20.x. Currently vlan1 on meraki is the default 192.168.168.x that comes with it. and at the remote side, have a auto-vpn to the mx and still access data on the 10.20.156.x subnet(domain services) as I said the gateway for the sonicwall.  If I create the 160 subnet on the remote Mx64 where do i need a route across the vpn?  Do i need that 160 on an interface on the mx84 as well? Since the sonicwall is already doing DHCP for that subnet, could it still do it across vpn? Trying to wade through the best way to do this. Any clarity would be much appreciated



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I can't picture all of this in my head.  Could you sketch it on a piece of paper, take a photo and upload it?

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I am the same as @PhilipDAth I am having trouble visualising the set-up to make an informed suggested.



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Lol , sorry for making you guys read that..I got it worked out.. I had planned on posting a diagram later after i posted but I was in the weeds. Thanks anyways!

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