Meraki over VDSL

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Meraki over VDSL

We have secured a client that requires public IP addressing presented to them via VDSL connections to assign to their Meraki devices. Obviously, a Meraki appliance does not support VDSL so we need to deliver internet access somehow.


Setting up our VDSL modems in bridge mode is untested so we prefer not to go down this path and the customer's delivery date is coming closer.


What are the implications or effects of having the linknet between the VDSL modem and the Meraki as private if we can't transparently offer the public IP to the Meraki security appliance from our core?



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Kind of a big deal

I don't imagine any specific problem with this.  I have setup plenty of MX's on default Comcast, at&t, etc. modems where the WAN picks up a private IP.  Things like auto VPN should work fine.  


It is always possible you may come across an issue due to not knowing what the modem is doing like blocking certain services or ports I suppose.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The main annoyance is that you need to NAT ports through. You need to do IT on the DSL router and the MX.

Occasionally you get routers with bad NAT implementations that makes AutoVPN less reliable.

But on the whole it works without issue.
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