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Meraki & Event Centers

Hey Community,


We have a large OPP with an event center. They have a 1 million sq. ft. facility and sell meeting space where anyone can rent out the event center.


The ISP provides them a 1000 public IPs. When a group comes and rents out the space, the existing firewall stack is handing out public IPs on the hard wired VLAN. These are still protected by the firewall because the ports are not open except ICMP for PING.


So group A comes in, takes up a /24 block of public hard wired IPs. Then they deploy services for their show (lets say an onsite print server and 100 computers). If you do ipconfig /all on any device it is technically a public IP and everything works.


What type of routing is this and is this even something Cisco Meraki can handle?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It seems odd that they would allocate multiple public facing IP's for client devices to use instead of providing a single subnet with a single public facing IP with the ability to allow ports where required. 


I wouldn't be happy as an ISP having a client have devices directly connected to the internet without being behind a firewall. God knows what amount of unsecure / jerry rigged devices you would see turn up at a conference.  

That sounds like the *very* old days before NAT and CIDR..  I don't think it poses any particular issue for Meraki as long as those public addresses are really owned by the ISP and not just served up for reasons unknown, but I don't say that with any particular experience.  It seems easy enough to replicate with some lab gear though.  

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