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Meraki Z1 as a Wifi client

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Meraki Z1 as a Wifi client

Hello all,


I have an interesting question. The usual connection for a Z1 device is as follows:


Wireless PC <-> Wifi network <-> Wifi Radio/Z1/Ethernet WAN Port <->Ethernet Network<-> SP Router <-> internet


I was wondering if I can use it all the way around when I'm in a hotel:


Wired PC <-> Ethernet LAN PORT/Z1/Wifi Radio <-> hotel Wifi Network <-> SP Router <-> internet.


In the first scenario the Z1 works as Wifi server, on the second the Z1 works as a Wifi Client.


Anybody knows if this is possible?


Thank you.



A model citizen

Re: Meraki Z1 as a Wifi client

No, you can't use the wireless radio for the device uplink.

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