Meraki On board Process overview

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Meraki On board Process overview

Hi  folks, Good Day to you all,


I want to know how zero-touch configuration works in Meraki the whole process step by step.


Devices : Mx64w


and Also the troubleshoot steps if its not able to join Meraki Dashboard


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This post will definitely help you getting started.

Hi friend, Can you please explain the flow. What happens in the background when a customer connects MX64 to his provider router. 

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The key to Meraki zero touch provisioning is that you can create a network and configure settings and policies without having the devices. This removes the requirement for staging.

Once the devices check in to the dashboard and are adopted into the network, they will automatically pull the configuration from the cloud.


Check out the links @CptnCrnch provided to get started.

Hi Brash, Thanks for the replay. i just need the flow. if a customer connects a Z3 or MX in his home internet. what process will happen in backend.

The MX will attempt to dhcp an ip on the WAN port. It will then connect to the Meraki cloud back-end to pull config and firmware updates.

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