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Meraki Mx84 preferences

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Meraki Mx84 preferences

I am configuring Meraki MX84 security appliance, i want the email and microsoft crm traffic to go through WAN-2 and the rest of the traffic through WAN-1. Our email service is on microsoft exchange online, When i use the command nslookup, i got the addresses below.

Addresses:  2603:1006:2::2





On the MX flow preferences, what should be the subnet mask of these addresses?our network is using IPv4. 

Last question, is there a way that i can direct traffic to destination hostname not ip address?

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Re: Meraki Mx84 preferences

You can use FQDN feature of MX to route O365 traffic by using local ILL 

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Re: Meraki Mx84 preferences

I'm not clear on what @Prashant_India is referring to... Perhaps you can provide more info on that?


@Soro1 the Internet Flow Preferences only take IP addresses, so no you can't do this with FQDNs unfortunately. If you want to use single IP addresses for destinations use a /32 mask. 

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