Meraki MX84 to Sophos XG site to site VPN

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Meraki MX84 to Sophos XG site to site VPN

I'm trying to establish Meraki MX84 to Sophos XG site to site VPN tunnel. At first I succeeded, got the tunnel up and running, but tunnel went down after some hours, and never connected again. After that, I changed some settings a bit, but now it wont even start connecting at all, I'm out of ideas ( nothing in the log whatever I do ).


Any suggestions ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Anything in the Sophos log?


There should be something in the Meraki log (Network-Wide/Events and make sure you have security appliance selected if you have multiple devices types).



DOuble check the source and destination encryption domains match.

Double chekc the phase 1 and phase 2 parameters match.

Here to help

@miki777 we recently had to setup the MX84 (with 14.40) and MX64 (with 14.40) to XG210 (with SFOS 17.5.8 MR-8). We were able to keep the tunnel working with the attached MX and XG IPsec policies and a bit of screen sharing to make sure VPN subnets/communities were set up correctly.


I don't know if it's still relevant for your case, but since I don't see a lot of info about Meraki with Sophos, I'll just leave this here.


MX84 custom IPsecMX84 custom IPsec


XG210 custom IPsecXG210 custom IPsec


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