Meraki LIC ENT vs RMA Services

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Meraki LIC ENT vs RMA Services

For instance: If I buy MX100-HW + LIC-MX100-ENT-3YR, So do I need to buy more RMA Services to get 3Years warranty

I heard that, if you buy LIC ENT, you wouldn’t buy RMA Services anymore, because it’s not helpful - Is it true?


Between LIC ENT and RMA Services

What happen if I only buy one of them or buy both of them


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The standard ship time of an rma is 5 business days...see also the link from the post of @MarcP .


If you buy on top RMA Services (Meraki now) you will get faster shipment of the replacement equipment.

There is also an option for installation of the replaced equipment.


See more infos on Meraki now:


So you have to think on how fast you need your new devices. If you can be without it for 5 business day...standard is sufficient...else you need to think which Meraki now option fulfill your needs. 

An option maid be also to have spare devices on the location.


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Your comment is mis-leading.  If you have some hardware fail and you contact Meraki support, and it has a current licence, the kit ships "next business day".  You do not require Meraki Now for this.

Meraki Now lets you buy additional response times like 8x5x4.  However it is very expensive, and it is usually cheaper to buy a cold spare.


"Unless you have purchased Meraki Now, advance replacement orders will ship within 1 business day on a best case effort basis."


The 5 day RMA process you are referring to relates to non-failure RMAs.

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