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Meraki Client VPN registering local IP in DNS

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Meraki Client VPN registering local IP in DNS


I am doing some investigating into an issue with DNS registration.  We recently moved our entire workforce to work from home, connecting using the Meraki client VPN with custom nameservers of our internal Windows DNS servers. When machines were originally brought home, I noticed that they were not registered in DNS. 


We then tested a script that would check the "Register this connections addresses in DNS" and "Use this connections DNS suffix in DNS registration" for the members of the IT support team.  I did notice that only two of the machines out of the 7 that were set with that setting registered the correct VPN IP in DNS.


A week or so passed as I had to move on to more pressing issues, and I went back to look at it today, now I see almost 600 of these machines registered in DNS, but with their home LAN IP.  This script to select those options has not been run for anyone other than that initial group of 7.


Is there is a way to register only the correct Meraki VPN IP address in DNS?


Thanks in advance!


Meraki Employee

Re: Meraki Client VPN registering local IP in DNS

Hi Eric.


You need to go into the VPN adapter settings on the machine connecting to the VPN. Pull up the Advanced TCP/IP Settings -> DNS Tab and select "Register this connections addresses in DNS"



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