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Meraki Cisco AnyConnect client


We have beta of Meraki Cisco AnyConnect Client but have a question:

Can we in client change hostname connect ?


Without changing Dynamic DNS name

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Where/how did you get this?

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this is an answer to the second question i go from CIsco


There is a closed beta currently! If there is a customer or you that want to try Anyconnect you can speak with your dedicated Meraki SE and he/she will submit a request to the product team. Participation in the beta is up to the PM team's discretion and there are certain prerequisites that need to be met such as MX model.

It's a very slow process. I've been asking about AnyConnect support on the MX since 2017.

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I've been told by Meraki account management that they are not accepting any more applications from customers to join the closed beta. Anyone know if there is any way to get on to the closed beta now?

I am of the opinion that Cisco will not implement SSL on the Meraki, as it competes with their core product lines and this value-add would be detrimental to core sales.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There are quite a few that would tell you that this is not true. There's a Beta out there that showed very good results for using AnyConnect with MX as VPN headend.


They actually seem to be quite close to the relase.

How soon are we, really, to the AnyConnect release for MX?

We are smack dab in the middle of deploying all new Meraki infrastructure pieces and cutting over to them, and now would be the best time to implement AnyConnect here.


I have the Meraki VPN Client working with Azure MFA, but it is not full featured, at all. Challenge/response is not an option, only push notifications. Would also like to implement always on, which requires cert auth.

Kind of a big deal

From everything I've heard it is reasonably imminent. But be aware that it will require the MX16 firmware, which will be beta, so you'll need to decide whether you're comfortable running beta firmware. If you want a better idea of timing I suggest you reach out to your Meraki AM or SE, they should be able to provide you a clearer timeline.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Please note that "Beta" for Meraki is being handled differently compared to "normale" Beta software:

"The latest beta firmware is fully supported by our Support and Engineering teams. Older betas are supported with best effort; an upgrade to the latest beta will ensure full support."



Hello All,


It's been a long wait, but finally we are happy to announce that AnyConnect is now available on the Meraki MX as a  public beta feature on the MX16.X firmware.

To learn more about AnyConnect on the MX please visit AnyConnect on the MX


Thank you all for your patience!

Our company asked about this Cisco Meraki support. But after this, you need to install with support their I understand it's BETA.

On prod network equipment we decided don't do it. Only on test equipment

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@AlexanderDrago in case you want to try, we have run our 9 site dual tail enterprise WAN with Meraki MX15 for over a year now with no stability issues.

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