MX84 & FIPS - conflicting information

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MX84 & FIPS - conflicting information



I need to verify that my MX84 is utilizing FIPS mode. I am running into conflicting information and cannot verify FIPS Validated encryption is being used.


  1. Cisco references CMVP Certificate #2984, which is no longer active (you have to search for historical certificates to find this certificate, and warns that it may be risky to use this certificate for Federal procurement).
  2. There are new CMVP Certificates for the Cisco FIPS Object Module (4174 and 4036). But I can't find a reference to these certificates for the MX devices (
  3. This page describes implementation of FIPS ( and says:
    Enable/Disable FIPS mode via UI

    To satisfy the new FIPS compliance requirements for your network, please follow the instructions below.

    This setting is available in the Dashboard under Network-wide -> General

  4. However, with MX16.16 installed, I do not see this section of Network-wide --> General:clipboard_edc7eb80050f93981b9e74d0be2f941b2.png
  5. This page says that the MX doesn't support FIPS for AnyConnect: MX FIPS.PNG


So, my questions are:

  • How do I verify which version of the Csico FIPS Object Module the MX84 with firmware NX16.16 is using?
  • Why don't I see the option to enable FIPS mode per the Meraki documentation (see #4 above)?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Open a case with Meraki support.

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