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MX84 Ports

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MX84 Ports

We are looking at ordering a pair of MX84s in the near future.  I have been reading the documentation online and I really don't see much information on the ports.  What I would like to know is the unit shows 10 -rj45 ports and two SFP+ ports.  Are all ports usable or when using the SFP ports does it disable any of the other ports.



Meraki Employee

Re: MX84 Ports

All ports should be usable.  Ports 1 and 2 are WAN/Internet-facing RJ45 copper ports.  Ports 3-10 are LAN-facing copper ports and Ports 11/12 are LAN-facing SFP ports.  Ports 9/11 and 10/12 should not be "combo" ports, so using port 10 doesn't lock out port 12 or vice-versa.  So you basically have all 10 LAN interfaces to use, the last 2 happen to be SFP instead of RJ45.  I just did a quick lab test on an MX84 to prove it to myself, running 2 different VLANs/subnets on ports 9 and 11 at the same time, no issues.  Hope that helps!

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Re: MX84 Ports

Hi Gordon,


Just as a point of clarification, the MX84 only has SFP ports, not SFP+. They are only 1Gbps capable and not 10Gbps. 


I'd hate for you to order the wrong SFP modules if you thought they were SFP+.