MX84 Interface Red LED

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MX84 Interface Red LED

Hi Everyone,


I have a brand new MX84 which deployed in my company branch, but when i try to connect MX84 Internet port to ISP modem, the interface is up but in red LED. Dashboard also showing WAN 1 is in failed condition. I've already try to change interface speed from auto to every option & also trying to swap cable but still no luck. When i try to directly plug modem to my laptop there is no issue at all. Does anyone know what red interface LED mean within MX product ?





Hi rahmad

It may be that your provider implements connections with validation of MAC Address, therefore, you should ask them to make a release of the mac address, since a new device is connecting


Hi @tannermoreno,


I'm not sure about MAC validation since when i try to directly connect from modem to 2 different laptop it has no issue whatsoever.

he next option to validate is that your ISP allows communication from the MX to the Meraki Cloud platform




If the ISP confirms that it does not block ports, it tries to connect Port 2 of the MX84, to isolate a possible defect in the physical interface 1.


If these options do not work, assign a fixed IP of the segment provided by your ISP on WAN 1 or WAN 2, whichever you prefer.



Hi @tannermoreno 


With my workaround setup as i explained above, everything is working fine so i don't think it's configuration issue. 

Kind of a big deal

Has this firewall ever connected successfully? Such as when connected to your existing network, which presumably has a valid uplink, as opposed to the ISP modem directly?


If it's connected before:

Have you called your ISP? I'd set the WAN1 uplink back to what the config should be, with everything set auto-auto. Does the ISP see traffic coming from your firewall's mac address?

Hi @Nash,


So our existing setup is using Mikrotik RB which will be replaced by this MX84. For workaround, I decide to connect MX84 WAN 1 port to this Mikrotik and making some sort of bridge mode and this is works.


I can talk to my ISP to see whether they see some traffic or not, but i'm more curious about the red interface LED mean, do you ever seen this before ?


Also i think this is related to MDIX problem since the modem itself is fairly old but i am not sure



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