MX68w will not reach the cloud

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MX68w will not reach the cloud

Hey all I have been trying to get my MX68w to connect to the dashboard.  I had it connected for about 5 minutes and then it lost connection and has not been able to connect since.  I have tried moving to a new network.  back to inventory and then into an entirely new network.  I've tried static IPs and factory reset.  Any ideas or magic one of you guys can suggest before I open a case?  I will be opening a case tomorrow morning to get somebody on the phone to RMA it if I cannot get it back online tonight.              

btw- I have a dedicated circuit used just to onboard and configure them so firewall and rules are not the issue.  I can connect a different MX68, Z3, and MX84s so the link is fine.  

Getting noticed

Try both wan1 and wan2 ports.

Also try not to use the dedicate circuit, instead a simple home internet with soho router maybe?

You can login to local webportal to check the live status.

As @CptnCrnch says - what does the local status page report as the problem?

Somethings not right!, The security appliance it trying to join a network or find a working Ethernet connection.  Pretty generic.  The MX seems to be rebooting or continually resetting my laptop IP address during the attempts.  But I think that is just the MX trying to reboot because it is not getting an ip address on WAN1 or WAN2.  I'm opening a case but dollars to donuts I'll leave the conversation with a RMA for another MX. 😉 Thanks all.

Thanks @RichardChen1 .  I did not go into exhaustive steps I have tried but I have tried on both home and , dedicated.  

Getting noticed

Hmm sounds like an unhappy customer for sure.

What Firmware version is the Dashboard you're connecting the MX too running at?

I wonder if moving from factory default firmware; bootstrapping up to active firmware versions has bricked your box and could of sworn I saw mention of this happening rarely on some of the same model box you have. That's beta firmware code though not RC or standard candidate versions.

Let us know how you get on, looks like its a call to Meraki to have a nose about. 😞

Getting noticed

@WillN  I had that same thought because of the short amount of time it was online.  I use templates to push out my configurations and my template uses version MX14.45 which is stable release.  I did not look to see what version is shipped so I'll have to wait for my replacement (RMA was initiated yesterday).  I am wondering if I should upgrade my code on the template to 14.50 but found these not so satisfying entries in the code notes. 


Although 14.50 did say it fixed this:  

Resolved an issue that could result in MX67(W) and MX68(W,CW) appliances entering a reboot loop if 802.1X port authentication was configured while wireless was also enabled.


The caveats still show this:

"We have recently become aware of an issue introduced in this firmware version that may result in communication issues between devices connected to ports 3-7 and devices connected to ports 8-12 on MX68(W,CW) appliances. We are working to provide an updated firmware version that resolves this issue as quickly as possible. Until that version is available, we will not be scheduling any further upgrades to MX 14.50 and we advise customers take additional caution before upgrading further MX68(W,CW) appliances to this version."


MX67C, MX68CW, and Z3C units must be connected to the Meraki Dashboard initially to retrieve an update to allow for proper use of the integrated cellular connectivity. This is most likely to be an issue when bringing the units online for the very first time.



Edit:  Meraki shipped replacement with 14.40 so I downgraded my template to 14.40 and then tried again to add the MX.  Could have been just a coincidence and I did not have the luxury of trying to brick another one so I just downgraded before plugging it in.  But all worked out now but I do have my suspicions on the 14.45 code, which is no longer available.   Thanks all for the input!

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