MX68 assigning Fixed ip assignment to other host

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MX68 assigning Fixed ip assignment to other host


I have MX68, and DHCP enabled. Issue is that i have a vlan 110 and 6 printers are associated to it. I have made fix ip assignments in Meraki portal to these printers get the IP corresponding to their MAC address in vlan 110. Now the problem is that one of the printer( automatically got the other ip( which is not supposed to be as i have already fixed assigned the IP. and fixed ip was taken by Andriod device(


1. What can be the issue?

2. How to disassociate the IP( to given device from Meraki portal so that it can take the ip as fixed assignment from DHCP.

3. Tried to reload the printer but still gets the other IP. Thanks

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Can you show the output of the client (particularly IP and MAC address), and the reservation on the DHCP page?

Do you have any other DHCP servers on that vlan?


sorry other ip is of same vlan range, i mistyped ip above in problem statement (printer assigned fixed ip) but got another one

Andriod device got this this ip

And this is andriod phone taken the ip of printer. Screenshot from clients connected in MX68 applaince.



Kind of a big deal

My guess is the fixed IP for the printer has the wrong MAC address loaded against it.

I have verified, it is the correct one, also i have verified Show mac-address on switch where the printer is connected, It shows the port where it is connected. 

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