MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?


MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?

How is LTE carrier switching performed on the MX67C integrated LTE modem?  I have two SIM cards, one AT&T and one Verizon. Both have been activated with the IMEI address of the MX67C's integrated LTE modem. the modem will only come up and connect on Verizon. When the AT&T SIM card is installed modem status simply says "Enabled" and shows no LTE connection.


Does the MX67C automatically switch LTE carriers based on inserted SIM card, or do I have to manually do some process when moving from AT&T to Verizon?

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Re: MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?

Hi Anthony,

I have a question concerning the cell plans around the LTE modem since it seems like you have already been through that process. And I am assuming you need to purchase a monthly data plan for the MX67C? What are the options? cost?

Sorry I can't help you with your request.

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Re: MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?

@AnthonyL We just updated the instructions for setting up cellular failover. See here.


You may need to power down the device as opposed to doing a hotswap.

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Re: MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?

I was able to get it to work on FirstNet (with black sim) with an apn of firstnet-broadband. Our rep advised not to use FirstNet cause it's not FirstNet-capable - but it did work, even if no band 14. AT&T sim did not work. Going to activate a Verizon card to see if it works. Probably just have to light up sim, power down MX, replace sim & power back up.

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Re: MX67C LTE Carrier Switching?

Yes, you need a data service plan from a carrier such at AT&T.

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