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MX65 WAN1 port static IP configuration

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MX65 WAN1 port static IP configuration

I have a new MX65. I did an initial staging in my office, WAN1 had a private IP address (NAT'ed for this site). I statically configured WAN2 for a public IP it would have in the data center. Moved it to the data center, now WAN2 is the primary and active interface, as expected, and the appliance is now showing in the dashboard again and is operable.


However, even though WAN1 is physically up (but showing disconnected in the dashboard) I can not edit the WAN1 interface to apply its new static IP. Am I missing something?


BTW, the appliance is now locked in a data center far far away so I can not browse into its local management interface.

Kind of a big deal

Re: MX65 WAN1 port static IP configuration

If WAN2 has a public IP address on it then you can enable "remote" local status page access.

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