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MX64W 802.1X Meraki Sentry Configuration


MX64W 802.1X Meraki Sentry Configuration

Hey guys,


Just wondering if anyone has run into this before.


We use Meraki Systems Manager for all our mobile devices, and we authenticate them on the wireless network via Meraki Sentry 802.1x .


We have a new small remote office using an MX64W as it's firewall and wireless controller/access point. I have tried a couple times to configure it's SSID to use Meraki Sentry and I cannot get it to work. I'm not even sure it's supported, but I cannot seem to find documentation stating one way or the other.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Kind of a big deal

Re: MX64W 802.1X Meraki Sentry Configuration

I don't know the answer.  It see that you configure Meraki Authentication on the built in AP.

Screenshot from 2018-07-18 07-28-38.png


The documentation does only mention MR though.


Perhaps try a recent firmware image if you are using something a bit older.


Re: MX64W 802.1X Meraki Sentry Configuration

Yeah, I think it is only available on MR devices, and not the MX's with integrated wireless.


We're on the latest stable firmware release, and still not an option.



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