MX64 with Comcast

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MX64 with Comcast

New to the MX64 really, but currently using it with FIOS with ethernet connected from ONT straight into the internet/WAN port of the MX64. 


All works perfectly.  Pricing has gone through the roof and Comcast is the only other alternative in the area.  Problem I see is that they would be delivering their service via a cable modem which is connected via coax instead of the ethernet i currently plug straight into the mx64 WAN/internet port.


How are other who have comcast connecting their MX64 device?  Are you literally just plugging the MX64 WAN/internet port into one of the 4 LAN ports of the Comcast modem and letting the device supply the mx64 an IP?  Then just using the MX64 to deliver DHCP to the other devices? 


Just curious how others are using the Meraki with the comcast modems.



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Exactly.  I am in the same boat, Comcast is my only choice and there's no fiber in my neighborhood yet for FIOS.  I plug the WAN1 interface into the LAN1 port on the cable modem and just let the MX grab its DHCP info right from Comcast.  Also make sure to access the cable modem locally (usually and disable bridge mode, disable wifi and moca, and I only leave ethernet enabled and set firewall settings to "low" and configure everything I need on the MX, including DHCP on its subnet.


Or skip the rented gateway all together (granted you don't need voice) and save a few bucks down the road. Just buy a compatible modem such as the SB6190 (DOCSIS 3.0) or the SB8200 (DOCSIS 3.1) and connect it straight to the WAN port on your MX64.


I have clients who use the leased gateway and we shut down everything we can on the gateway and let the MX do DHCP. 


If you used the leased gateway it is best to call and have them disable the wifi and put it in bridge mode. Every time I have called the freak out if you disable it yourself. 


I have an MX64 at my home office and I have Xfinity, I purchased an ARRIS cable modem and did the same thing at home. 


So short story long, yes just plug the modem into the WAN port. 


Hope this helps. 





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