MX64 DHCP Issues - Not Using VLAN Tagging

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MX64 DHCP Issues - Not Using VLAN Tagging

Hi Everyone,


I have an issue where I am getting the following error when two particular clients try to connect to my only active SSID:


extra: no_offers_received, vap: 0, vlan: 0


and less frequently, this:


source_client_ip:, source_client_mac: 44:61:32:64:80:80, source_client_assigned_vlan: 0



I have seen conversations around this in the community but always when using VLAN Tagging.  In this simple case, I have this disabled, so there should be no tagging with everything going into the default flat network.  The MX64 is acting as the DHCP server with a network servicing the 50ish devices at the site.


Every other device works perfectly connecting to the same SSID, but these two devices have a terrible time connecting because (I believe) they cannot get an IP address.  In trying to resolve this, I setup both of them to have IP lease reservations, but that hasn't resolved it.


Both of these devices are EcoBee 3 Lite smart thermostats.  Does anyone have any idea why these units can get connected and request an IP but then fail with the error above?


At times, the units will get an IP address and they work for a while.  But as soon as it tries to renew the IP, everything falls apart again.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You,


Kind of a big deal

You might try turning one off or disconnecting it and see if you have the same issue. You might also try resetting one of the devices, possibly something is being odd on the device keeping an IP it previously had.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would do a dhcp packet capture while they are trying to get an IP address and see what is happening.

Here to help

Go to Wireless >>Access  Control and Enable Mandatory DHCP for this SSID.


Do you have 802.11w or 802.11r enabled on the SSID. Try turning them off and see if the issues persist.

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