MX64 Active Passive 1:1 NAT?

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MX64 Active Passive 1:1 NAT?

I'm not sure if I have it title right.  But I'll explain what I want to do.


Currently, I have a single Exchange server sitting behind my MX64.  We are planning on deploying a second in an Active/Passive setup and only want to route traffic to the secondary server if the first one is down (Windows Updates, Exchange updates, etc).  Is it possible to do this through the Meraki dashboard or would I have to write something that hits the API to update the 1:1 NAT mapping I currently have in place?

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Kind of a big deal

No, the MX has no functionality for this. Not natively anyway. As you say, you can use a script to monitor your servers, and then update the NAT via API as required. 


I'm not an Exchange guy, but if Exchange supports clustering of some kind where you can create a VIP that move between boxes then you can just NAT to that.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you by chance have two static IP addresses?  Then you can map a static IP address to each Exchange server.


You could consider getting a load balancer to put in front of your two exchange servers to manage the failover.


Otherwise as @jdsilva says, you can't do this automatically with just an MX.

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