MX250 as IPAM

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MX250 as IPAM

I would like to have  reservations for all LAN based devices in my network.


I have 5 vlans  = 5 subnets

I wish to reserve / static allocation 128 addresses per subnet.


In summary  about 600 reservations


Does the MX250 have any reservation limitations?

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Getting noticed

Never heard of a limit, but I've never had to reserve that many either.  The biggest DHCP pool an MX can handle is /19, per vlan, so I don't think 600 reservations over 5 vlans would be too many.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi , 


I don't think there is any limitation to the reservation limit. Are you planning to run DHCP on the MX ?


The only issue I see is : Note that the largest DHCP pool the MX will serve is equivalent in size to a /19 subnet, even on a VLAN configured with a larger subnet


But I hope your 5 vlans are smaller than a /19 🙂 

all /24

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