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MX250 & WAN SFP's

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MX250 & WAN SFP's

I've been trying to get a new MX250 working with a copper SFP for the WAN port. When I plug in a MA-SFP-1GB-TX and other end into a 3750X, all I get the link light going on and off and on and off so on. Nothing is logged in syslog on the switch.


If I put in another generic SFP, I don't get a link light at all, again nothing is logged. So I tried a Cisco branded SFP and with that one I get a link light and all seems ok. But if I reboot the MX250, the link light doesn't come back on and the MX250 is unreachable. Oddly on the switch I have a link light. To get it working, I have to reinsert the SFP a few times and all seems ok again.


The weird part is, if I insert any of these SFP's into the SFP section (ports 11-18) of the MX250, they all show up a link light straight away. 


So which SFP will work reliably in the Internet port?


Kind of a big deal

Re: MX250 & WAN SFP's

I'd open a support case. That SFP should work fine in the internet ports. Maybe there's a defect in the SFP slots or the chip they're linked to.


Edit: Oh what I forgot to mention. Might be a good idea to check duplex settings on both ends, just to make sure that's not the cause of the issues. For the MX you need to check on the local status page:Screenshot 2018-05-09 15.02.04.png

Getting noticed

Re: MX250 & WAN SFP's

Thanks for the reply. I've opened up a support case.


The issue is with the SFP in the Internet socket only. For those there are no duplex settings. You've shown the settings for the SFP section. As mentioned, when I plug any of these SFP's into one of those sockets, I get a link light with no issues.


And the issue is with either of the 2 Internet sockets. Neither works as they should.

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