MX250 - WAN Port 1G & 10G?

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MX250 - WAN Port 1G & 10G?

As per the the MX-Family Data sheet


It mentions that the MX250 has 2x 10GbE SFP+ WAN ports. Can a 1Gbit SFP work on these ports or only 10GbE SFP's? This is important to know as only our DC services have 10Gbit interface handoffs.

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Hi Nick,


Yes, this question was just recently handled, but the question was if the 1 GbE coppar SFP was compatible. Have a look on this thread below. As I understand it has been tested and it does work with 1 Gb SFP in the 10 Gb SFP ports.


Here are the compatible SFP matrix to Meraki also for your reference.






Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@NickSpeechleywe use Cisco GLC-T modules in the SFP+ ports of our MX250s and they have been good for over a year now with the 15.x firmware train.

Thanks Claes_Karlsson, i did see the SFP datasheet but i didn't find it mention whats compatible for the WAN SFP ports in comparison to the LAN SFP ports and the MX datasheet just says 10GbitSFP+ for the WAN ports without specifying the 1Gbit so i was a little thrown off.

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We also have MX250 running at a customer in three DC's..


Same "problem" because wou only could connect at 1Gbit with copper (at least preferred by co-lo partner)


We also used  the original meraki rj45 convertor on 1gbit.

Works like it should.

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