MX100: portId (lldp) vs actual port numbers

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MX100: portId (lldp) vs actual port numbers


I am looking for information for Meraki firewall port numbering.


Diagramming a network, and the LLDP information is not making sense. It looks like I have two MS switches connecting to the same port (port 2).   I do not have physical access today.


This is what I believe is correct.

            WAN 0 is "Internet, 1 on front of box" or is it "portId":"0"

            WAN 1 is "2 on front of box"    ....No other option, right?


Here is where my doubt began:

Another device's LLDP says that it is connected to "portId 2" of the MX100.   Could this really be port "3" that is number on the front.  0-3 = 1,2

Note:  the firewall does not list this meraki switch as a connection.

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Question, how is this MS device connected to the MX? UTP, Fiber?



But that should not matter, should it?   It is the actual port numbering that I am looking to understand.  Seems that the "portid" start with 0, but it doesn't match the actual printed number on the front.


@bluecavalry  if it were fiber transceivers between the MS and MX that would matter. 

I have several MS switches that do not have a clue being connected to an MX. 


Now regarding your question about the lldp data.

checked a network and here the switch is connected to LAN Port 4 of the MX100 


System nameMeraki MX100 - MX100
System descriptionMeraki MX100 Cloud Managed Router
Port ID2
Chassis ID 
Port descriptionlan port 2
System capabilities


I have another switch on port 3 which is connected to lan port 1 (port 3 on the front of the MX)

This is because LAN 2 is configured as internet. So i guess numbering depends on the fact of having 2 WAN Ports or not.


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