MX limitation - WAF not avaible

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MX limitation - WAF not avaible


I'm having some troubles because MX dont have a WAF module protection. 

Before I was using sophos and WAF works ok, but today that I Use MX i dont have this protection.


How can i protect with other alternatives using WAF and still use MX?

How do u solve this ?


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Kind of a big deal

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Meraki MX does not have an IPS option in Destination NAT. Sophos provides an option to apply IPS in Dest NAT rule and separate WAF module is available.


Meraki MX does not have any such option. All you can do is "Make a Wish" in the Meraki dashboard and the fairy angel will make your wish come true. 


Only option is enable intrusion detection under Security Appliance > Configure > Threat protection and choose Ruleset to Balanced or Security. Traffic will be automatically blocked if it is detected as malicious based on the detection ruleset specified above





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