MX in maritime environments

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MX in maritime environments



Does anybody have experience with the MX based SDWAN solution using cellular links in maritime environments for inland waterways and would like to share their experiences?


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Marco Schalkx.

Kind of a big deal

@Uberseehandel Were you the one who'd done something like this before?

Kind of a big deal

We did look at using a Z3C in a urban foiling water taxi/bus application. We got it to work but for a complete package we went with a specialised safety services solution. Also we went to MilSpec connectors which were more appropriate. I think the box with connectors cost more than what went inside the box. Also, we went 5G LTE. 😎

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Kind of a big deal

I've done it for vessels that operated near the coast where it was not essential to the vessels operation.


You'll want to use devices without PoE built-in (like MX64, MX67) because they can run off 12VDC (use a 5A fuse).  All other PoE devices require a 54V feed (or you plug into 100/240VAC).


In the case we did, we used both cellular data and a data link that ran over a radio band (I don't know anything else about the data radio, it was an existing system).


You might be interested in my Meraki GPS project as well. 



Thank you for the response.


Did you use the standard antennas of the MX for the cellular link or did you use something else?


Nice GPS project BTW.



Marco Schalkx.

Kind of a big deal

We used an external cellular modem (the MG21E was not available).  It went on the mast.


If I did another one I would use the MG21E on a mast. 



Have you got into NodeRed yet?


It is great when working with engineers whose main focus is not s'ware or networks. Also, being based on node.js it is ideal for real-time / event driven applications.


As one hydrodynamicist said to me, "strewth, you're just wiring 'em up". Then I showed him how to do it. He bought a lot of tinnies that night. 

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

>Have you got into NodeRed yet?


People keep telling me to.  I keep using node.js - but doing it by hand is such a slow way for many things.


I think I need to set aside some time and give it a proper try and follow your advice.

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