MX connectivity and dashboard issues

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MX connectivity and dashboard issues

Hi, we recently upgraded to Meraki MX 450s and MS390/120 switches and ran into issues with the 16.16 firmware.


The HA pair experienced Intermittent loss to Meraki dashboard cloud connectivity across both Internet circuits. Each circuit was tested individually while running 16.16 code and still experience the same loss. Equipment was rebooted with no effect.

We also had routing issues between Azure Meraki vMX and on-prem MX.  I originally had a route, for example (which reside in our on-prem network) in Azure but it was causing all sorts of issues because it included some problem VLANs on-prem, so we had to split it out into 10.10.x.0/24 subnets for it to work.

A downgrade was then performed to 15.44.1 software code which resolved the issues.

We did open a case with support but no luck yet, has anyone seen this or have any ideas? Thanks.

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Interesting, I'm having what sound like similar issues with a new MX250 running MX16.16. I made a separate post because mine mostly is related to DNS errors but the MX250 also just looses connectivity to the dashboard.  Any word on a bug yet?

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Hi. I have also problem after upgrade of MX in HA to 16.16. My switches experience intermediat loos of cloud connectivy since the upgrade. Do you use any SFP in MX or underlaying switches? 

Correct, we do use SFP....a few Reddit forums noted this could be the issue but don't think Meraki actually confirmed.

For me, I am using Meraki Optical SFPs to connect WAN and the switches to the MX250. I have all the same issues when plugged directly into he MX250 though. Having issues with MX16.16, 16.16.1 and 17.6. At this point spent quite a bit of time with Meraki TAC assistance, had 2 MX250RMAs and having the same issues. Very frustrating. Does Meraki not have the ability to enable some advanced debugging on the MX to figure out the issue? They told me they did but not seeing anything happen.

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After all the same issues, we were finally able to get the MX250 unit to stay connected to the cloud long enough to download 15.44 and the MX seems to be stable now. Still having all kinds of DNS miscommunication errors on the various MT switches so we might be rolling back switch FW as well.

Did they perform any debugging at 17.6? My problem disappeared after downgrade to 15.44. Now want they upgrade to 17.6. If it doesn’t solve they say it will go to devoloper

Sadly no, I have asked again and again for logs to be taken and sent console logs but as far as I know they have not looked at them. Just kept getting the run around. Finally I insisted we be downgraded to 15.44 since I saw here it fixed the issues for several people and that's what finally stabilized the MX250. Now I still have issues I'm dealing with on MT switches so will probably have to downgrade those as well. I have mostly MX65 and MX68 in my Org and all those are running 16x with no issues at all. But everything that has been loaded in the 16x and 17x on my MX250 has caused nothing but problems. I suspect that is why all these bugs are not getting the attention by the development team since they apparently only affect some models. I think support is just downgrading people to get them stable again and the case closed and the bugs never get resolved, maybe that's why the same issues continue to appear in 17x. I'm not really sure.

Refuse closing the case. I will test 17.6. If downgrade will be the solution … I will refuse closing of the case

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