MX and Umbrella SIG

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MX and Umbrella SIG

I want to connect between MX and Umbrella SIG with Auto VPN.
Currently it is a beta version, but it can be realized using cloud on lamp.
In this case, is the MX license supported by Enterprise?
MX is fatally weak in SSL decryption, so I'm looking forward to SSL decryption using the Umbrella SIG.
The performance impact of HTTPS inspection will be high on any appliance on the market. An alternative could be to consider
moving the HTTPS inspection workload to the cloud with Cisco Umbrella SIG.
Kind of a big deal

Re: MX and Umbrella SIG

As far as I know, Umbrella Cloud OnRamp is possible with each license type.


Apart from that, your plan is well thought. Umbrella does a really great job to increase your security especially regarding TLS Interception.

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