MX & Draytek - Internet Dropping out

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MX & Draytek - Internet Dropping out

Hi All, 

I am having an internet connection issue between an MX68 and Draytek Vigor 2762n. 

I have set the connection to always on and entered the Draytek into Full "Bridge" mode.

The Cisco connection is set to "No VLAN tag" Direct and I have entered the static IP. 

Every two hours the connection is dropping out and about half an hour later it comes back. 

What should I do to start diagnosing the drop? 

In the past, I have used the Draytek Vigor 130 and not had issues but the customer already had the Draytek 2762. 

Thanks for any input.



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i should mention that it is FTTN NBN delivered by Telstra. 

A bit of a longshot, but did you check for link negotiation issues?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you checked for firmware updates on the Draytek?

Any logs on the Draytek?

So i removed the Vigor 2762 and installed a Vigor 130 and it connected much faster and now the connection is not dropping. 


hi @AnthonyMaddick , wondering if you ever encountered this issue again? I have been facing similar problems - internet WAN link flapping on an FTTN connection when I use the Vigor 130. Is there any other information you can share if you managed to solve it with the V130?

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