MX Status page displayed as Anyconnect browser window pop-up when using Anyconnect VPN

Getting noticed

MX Status page displayed as Anyconnect browser window pop-up when using Anyconnect VPN

We have a support ticket open for this, but after today I thought I'd check here to see if anyone else has had this problem


More than a week ago, a customer using Anyconnect to VPN into an MX250 running 16.15 firmware started getting Anyconnect popups (NOT browser; it shows "Anyconnect Browser Window" and is its own executable) that shows the MX device's status page (the one you can log into via and make basic network changes via).   


I have heard that the anyconnect popups are for 'walled garden', click-through, post VPN login pages, etc that require user input before proceeding (like some wifi services).   None of those are configured and VPN was working properly prior to  this problem starting.


I do  not know if there was a coinciding firmware change with the problem starting.  


This weekend one of our own people started getting the same problem with Anyconnect to our own MX84.  Firmware 16.14  (updating tonight to 16.16 as a test)


Anyconnect client is version 4.9.06037 on both site's PCs


Any ideas?

Getting noticed

Got a little more info.  This apparently _mostly_ happens when the user has the VPN up while remote, sleeps their computer without disconnecting, then tried to bring the machine up on the office LAN, though one of the two users said it has happened when their machine was awakened at home and the tunnel had not been disconnected before it slept.  That person doesn't have a Meraki MX at home, so the screen they're seeing is presumably the company's MX that they are trying to VPN in to.  There is no address bar on the Anyconnect browser window to confirm


New here

I am fielding reports from VPN users that they get a Meraki Browser popup when they come in to the office.


Did you figure anything out since March? I wonder if I need to enable the "Disable Captive Portal Detection" option on their Secure Mobility Clients. I am going to reach out to Meraki support before throwing spaghetti at the wall.

I checked the notes, and that was what we ended up doing.  "Disable Captive Portal Detection" stopped the problems with the one site.

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