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MX Appliance VLAN and Traffic Priority


MX Appliance VLAN and Traffic Priority

Wondering what would be the best way to configure my MX64?


My situation: I have PC's, Servers, Security Cameras and AP's. What would be the best way to keep my security cameras separate and if I should?


I'm just wondering if there is a benefit to separating the cameras and possibly giving them LAN bandwidth priority and if that's possible?

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Re: MX Appliance VLAN and Traffic Priority

Meraki Camera's? Typically, yes it is recommended to have different VLANs for different types of devices in your network. If segmenting out the different devices it allows you to do source based policies and apply appropriate QOS. Most importantly it breaks up your broadcast domains.


There really is no right or wrong answer as to how you slice the VLANs up, just make sure your not running on a flat network.  Some people have management networks for all managed devices, larger organizations will segment them by resource, Cameras, Servers, POS, IoT so the appropriate groups can be contained and they can design security groups around the VLANs.


Hope this helps and i'm sure many from this community will provide good input on how they are performing it.