MX 84 and 100 Avaya phone failover

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MX 84 and 100 Avaya phone failover



  I am currently running a mixture of MX100's and 84's in my environment. We are in the process of deploying an Avaya cloud phone system but are encountering a one way audio problem when the primary circuit fails, the phones register to the cloud manager on the secondary, and then the primary comes back up. 


  This causes a one way audio issue as now the calls are going out the primary, but the phones are still registered to the secondary and taking one-way audio inbound on the secondary. It looks like I can build a rule to resolve this in traffic shaping, but want to get some advice on the rule set and see if anyone else has encountered this?

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We have the same issue with a MiTel deployment with more than one provider that we use.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Once a flow starts using an uplink the MX keeps it on that uplink unless it fails.  So when you fail over to your secondary link the flow gets moved, but when you failback it will keep using that secndary link.

For phones that mostly use UDP this creates issues, as their is both SIP and RTP flows - which are seperate.


Personally, we use SIP/TLS for all our phones - and this works flawlessly for us (different brand of phone system though).  This uses TCP, and this has a clear start and end of flow, and stops one way audio call issues.

If you can't use SIP/TLS then try using SIP/TCP.

Were still having issues with this. Luckily most of the sites we have using the SIP phones aren't on dual WAN. The sites that we have with Dual WAN we just hope and pray that the main WAN stays online. 

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