MX-64 Wired network user access


MX-64 Wired network user access

I'm very new to the Meraki ecosystem but I tried to search and cannot find an answer. 


There's probably multiple ways, but how do I configure my MX-64 to use a MAC address table that I set to allow connectivity to clients under this firewall/router? I want an unknown device to be blocked from my meraki network unless I specified its MAC address in settings. So basically, block every client/device unless whitelisted. This question is in reference to a wired network. Firmware MX 13.23


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As of now, no real MAC filtering in the MX line. I think there is some on the MS least last time I checked.

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Configure your default firewall policy to block.


Create a group policy that overrides the firewall policy and allows traffic,


Then to allow a particular client (which is based on layer 2 MAC address by default) click on the client  and assign your group policy from above.

Phillips got it sorted!

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Hi Philip,

Will it also work for vpn clients? trying to remotely connect to my net. I am looking to add an extra layer of authentication. 

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I haven't played much with restricting VPN clients.  One of the issue with VPN clients is you can't apply a restriction until they have connected once.

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