MG21 with MX68 connection layout

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MG21 with MX68 connection layout



I have to perform a PoC with a customer next month. Presales ordered MG21 cellular gateway and a MX68 to secure and backup local internet access.

But they ordered only power supply for the MX68.

So I did something to power up the MG21, I use the PoE port 11 on the MX68 to port LAN1 of the MG21. Then I use the 2nd LAN port of the MG to connect the Internet 2Image 29-07-2020 à 12.28.18AM.jpeg interface of the MX68.


It looks like it's working but I think I would prefer a dedicated PSU for the MG. What do you think about that ?

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That's actually how my MG at home is configured. Works fine, albeit Vodafone 4G in London isn't great so I only get about 5Mbps. Saves using an extra wall socket!
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