Log in Meraki dashboard for MX

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Log in Meraki dashboard for MX

Dear Expert

we got some question from our customer ,

1.How long will the log store in meraki dashbord ? such as change log ?
2.How can we check VPN policy log match , for example : match deny rule , where can we see the log action deny by MX.
3.where can we check security log ? For example , if someone trying to access to MX devices by trying to login to local splash page, is there any alert or log on dashboard ?

pls help answer this

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Kind of a big deal

1. Regarding the retention Aaron Willette wrote an excellent blog post:



I don't know how up-to-date it is though.


Perhaps it's time @CameronMoody turns this into an official doc 😇.


2. Seems to me like only succesfull logins are logged in the event log. You can find them in Network-Wide > Event Log. Syslog provides more detail:


Succesful connect and disconnect in green.


Connection try with a wrong username in red.


Connection try with a wrong preshared key doesn't seem to get logged at all.


3. Login tries to the local status page (not sure that that is what you mean) aren't logged.

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