Is there a way to schedule Summary Reports to receive at same time?

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Is there a way to schedule Summary Reports to receive at same time?

Currently, we are having to manually run the reports to keep them all organized we would like to schedule them but they come so randomly if we do. It would be great if the schedule let you pick a time! Has anyone figured out how to get the reports all at the same time?



Kind of a big deal

All of mine hit at the same time (within minutes) on the same day, which is the 1st of each month.

I just set the reoccurring to monthly, and i suppose it was possible that I coincidentally set it all up at the same time on the 1st of whatever month, but I doubt it.

I don't see any options for the 'when' they get released, just the occurrence.
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Oh here, just found this:

Note: Regardless of the day the report schedule is created, those with a Weekly frequency will be sent every Monday and those with a Monthly frequency will be sent on the first day of each month.
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That's what I do now but mine are scattered... We only have 8 networks now so emailing each at the same time daily is not a huge deal. But as we onboard 10+ networks this year and it keeps scaling we will need to have this automated. 


Currently, my Director wants the Daily weekly and monthly. 


I've also tried the new Google Sheets report builder but that is a lift to get the kpi's built out and designed for viewing. In this case, I didn't want to recreate the wheel.

@DillonofAnch17 Summary reports should be sent out for each network at a set time as per the network local timezone. Are any of these networks added to a template? 


Also, when you said set time, you mean no matter which timezone the devices are in, the summary report should come to your inbox at a fixed time, correct? 

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Correct we would like to get the reports at a set given time (UTC) so no matter what their location is we get all of their reports at the same time. 



Any help would be great! 

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