Internal Error: Missing Template ERR_READ_ERROR

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Internal Error: Missing Template ERR_READ_ERROR

Hi all, I had this error "Internal Error: Missing Template ERR_READ_ERROR" when we are trying to make a request post from our own systems. This is the flow of webside request: Client(from our server) -> Request post to Web (Hosped in other server) -> From web app, make an another request to our own server (bd query) -> response is bad, a lot of time -> finally i recive the error than a said.


Just i get the error when i make the request from a web bottom. If the web refrest the page, the request is good. I think i have to activate some firewall politics to i can make this request from our own system. Is doesn't work on this way but when we make the request from out of our own network, is working without any problem.


Thanks a lot for your help!!

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