Inspection SSL in SDWAN Meraki + certificates management

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Inspection SSL in SDWAN Meraki + certificates management



I need the documentation regarding the support of SSL inspection in the Meraki SDWAN solution.
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Kind of a big deal

SSL inspection is not an available feature in the Meraki MX platform.

It was in beta testing at one stage but the performance impact was too great.


Nowadays for SSL inspection, the MX is positioned as a service edge to Umbrella where this can be performed. 

Kind of a big deal

As mentioned, not natively. And I also like the Umbrella solution mentioned by @Brash. But if you are looking for SSL decryption for both out- and incoming traffic, an inline IPS device between your MX and the next switch could also do the job,

Kind of a big deal

You should head the warnings of @Brash and @KarstenI .


If you still want to go ahead, I believe you can open a case with support and request access to the feature and documentation.

Just to give fair warning, in its current form,  it's a *very* limited support feature, and it's far from being something Meraki Support can recommend using.

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