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IGMP Proxy

Kind of a big deal

IGMP Proxy

Does anybody know if an IGMP proxy can be configured on any version of the MX software?


There are some questions that hopefully an appropriate person at Meraki can answer

  1. Is the issue of enabling an IGMP proxy on MX devices being addressed
  2. What is the estimated time frame for the release of IGMP proxy capability
  3. What is the problem with enabling an IGMP proxy on MX devices
  4. Is there an appreciation that the lack of IGMP proxy capability is hindering the development of managed services by incumbent operators in various international markets
  5. Does Meraki realise that this is an important capability that has been flagged as lacking for over a year
  6. If fellow Bay Area budget priced manufacturer UBNT can fix their basic gateway device so that it now handles IGMP proxies correctly, why can't Meraki
  7. Is there a recommended workaround

I know there is at least one engineer at Meraki who has a pretty clear understanding of the issue having worked on developing the STB used by one of the multicast IP TV providers. So fixing the problem is within the company's grasp.


To end on a more positive note, I am quite happy to field test new firmware in a live deployment situation.


Please make my Christmas ;-[]


Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
New here

Re: IGMP Proxy

Any news about these features?


Thank you

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