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IDS/IPS Security Testing

I don't know a lot about security penetration testing, but I would like to test my MX's IDS/IPS. I tried nmap, but it did not produce any events in Security Center. I have Metasploit running but I don't know what tests to try. Has anyone tried this before?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

nmap is simply a scanning tool.  You would need to use something like Metasploit - and have a target you own that you can attack.


You'll need to hunt around for scripts you can use to perform the attack.

I know some IDS/IPS vendors have test sites for their products. They basically send a test pattern that will be picked up as a threat by their IDS/IPS.


This is similar checking your AV by scanning the EICAR test file. Does anyone know of such a test for Sourcefire's SNORT? Or any other simple testing tool?





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