How to troubleshoot route connection change errors

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How to troubleshoot route connection change errors

Hello there,

I could not find anything on the Meraki support pages, so maybe somebody can help me out here:Since a few weeks we get the following error on one of our MX devices:


Route connection changepeer_type: l3_vpn, peer: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, connection_status: disconnected


Route connection changepeer_type: l3_vpn, peer: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, connection_status: connected

a few seconds afterwards.


the log does not show any device affected, and I am not sure if the hex code after "peer" relates to a mac- or an IPv6 address. Is there a way to find out which device/route is affected by this? The VPN logs itself do not show any disconnects, but an employee told me that there are indeed lost connections on a software level (the ERP-system gets a timeout). Also, our ISP says that there were no disconnects in the given timeframe.


What would be the right way to troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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The Peer is the MAC address of the Auto VPN Peer.
Searching by Inventory makes it easy to identify the Peer.
I think the reason it is not the name of the device is to uniquely identify it when the name is changed.


There may be a problem between the MX of the Network that is outputting that log and the Auto VPN Peer.

Meraki MX's Auto VPN Tunnel Failure Detection is at 5 second intervals.

Therefore, It is possible that the ISP did not detect the problem due to a short period of flapping.

Incidentally I contacted support, but the detection interval cannot be changed.


For your information.

In my work environment, Meraki MX & vMX are flapping to the point of concern.

I think it is because we are using Internet connection and cannot control the quality.

Personally, I would like to know if it is the same in other production environments.

Good to know about that, thanks!

How did you solve the problem? Is there a way to change  Auto VPN Tunnel Failure Detection to something more than 5 seconds? 


Unfortunately, the problem has not been solved.  😫


* There is no way to change the fact that the communication will be over the Internet because of Meraki vMX on AWS in my work environment.


* Other devices (e.g. IOS-XE) might be able to adjust this with a DPD (Dead Peer Detection) timer.
   However, Meraki has been deployed. 💸

   But we can't adjust the timer in Meraki...


It seems that I will probably have to accept this to happen.

Personally, I want to check if another network device using the same internet connection would be more stable.

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