How to prioritize traffic for Cloud Hosted Server

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How to prioritize traffic for Cloud Hosted Server

Hi, I have concern regarding to service which all are hosted in cloud infra. 


when scope users are trying to access them, they face slowness issues. even inside/outside users both having same issues. 


What solution we should integrated with their cloud infra. so that we can do smooth transmission with them. 

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If talk about meraki we have control over on it. but In this case of if Cloud infra not manageable by us. 


I believe they hosted their services  different - different regions. so in case of if regions so far in that case which solution we should to be approach. 

You have to check with your hosted cloud service provider. Is the communitacion via Internet or VPN?

No, They are accessing via Internet.

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In this case I am following as below checklist (Layer 1 to Layer 7)   


I need your input on that. what else I do on it. 


1. List of critical Services (Like URLs & IP address) 
2. Meraki Switch for Traffic shipping Config.
3. if the system has no antivirus.

(Need to monitory end Device behavior like access is legitimate or Non Legitimate,

it should scan via Security Engine.

So keep an eye on background processes
reveal viruses and other malware
expose unauthorized access
monitor running programs
log process activity

Kind of a big deal

If you have users "inside/outside" with performance issues - then it is probably the cloud service itself is having the issue.  If this is the case, then nothing you do on the client side will solve the performance issue.


If it is a web app, you could use Meraki Insight to monitor it - but that is all you can do. 

Thanks for your suggestion...!!😊


What about if we put our MX on their cloud infra. so, we can prioritize our VPN Subnet that is helpful for us?

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