How to enable and rename hostname on S-SD-WAN - Appliance Status

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How to enable and rename hostname on S-SD-WAN - Appliance Status



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I would like to ask an inquiry and help assist how to edit and rename the hostname under Security/SD-WAN - Appliance Status on Cisco Meraki MX100 Router. It was disable unable to rename. 


In additional, what is the meaning of unbind? 



Thank you.


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There should be a little pencil next to the name. There you can change the name of the appliance.

The "unbind" likely refers to the option to remove the network from a template. But better share a screenshot to see that we talk about the same "unbind".

Hi Karstenl,


Thanks for the reply info. There is no pencil icon on the host that's why is unable to rename. It's there a way to edit and rename the host name?. About unbind see the screen shot below. Thank you.








Meraki Employee

Unfortunately once a MX is bound to a template the dynamic hostname field is no longer editable.


For your unbind question. That means the network is currently bound to a configuration template and you have the option to unbind it. As the pop up message indicates when you unbind you can choose to clear the device configuration (it reverts to its prior config state) or you can choose to keep the config derived from the template.

Hi Rymiles,

Thanks for the quicks answers, but is still there a possible way to edit the hostname? about unbind, if i choose the unbind and retain config what will be happen? the template will remove and new config will be set?


Thank you.

Meraki Employee

You can only change the dynamic DNS hostname if you first unbind the network from the template. When you unbind you have the option to retain the config. However, be aware if you rebind to the template some settings could be changed like the MX VLAN IPs.

Hi Rymiles,


Thank you so much for the quicks answers, I'll try to unbind. If a have an issue I will reply on this conversation. 



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