How to disable MU-MIMO and/or Transmit Beamforming

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How to disable MU-MIMO and/or Transmit Beamforming

Is someone able to point me in the direction to disable MU-MIMO and/or Transmit Beamforming?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't disable them - and even if you could - it would be a terrible step backwards in time.  Those technologies greatly improve the reliability of WiFi.

Actually, it does not greatly improve reliability. In fact, in almost all environments/implementations it has the opposite effect due to the overhead of the sounding that is involved.

I strongly recommend you invest the time to review Devin Akin's Webinar into ac wave 2. Here's a link -
At least review the MU-MIMO part starting 27:13 for about the next 10 minutes.

Thanks for sharing that @Hammer - Really interesting talk.

My biggest take away is the "pennies" analogy. So MU-MIMO does add value to a network, provided very, very specific conditions... but not enough to revolutionise RF.


I can't say I've experienced lots of noise/performance degradation from deploying MU-MIMO myself. What are some of the symptoms? 


Just a thought, I've watched the Devin Akin's Webinar into ac wave 2 in the link and although it talks about very little benefit over using MU-MIMO, he does NOT explicitly state to "turn off" the MU-MIMO on the APs that are capable of this functionality?


Is this correct or did I miss something on the Webinar?

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Hi @wonwif


Thanks for actually taking the time to watch the webinar, I suspect a lot of people wouldn't bother. However, your take on what Devin says is very different to mine, I almost wonder if we where watching the same webinar.


Here are a few very negative quotes which pretty much say turn it off:


" some environments, if you turn on MU-MIMO, your environment completely dies right then..." (29:44)

"...almost no chance of giving you value but in a bad environment no chance what so ever..." (38:04)


Here he DOES explicitly state to "turn off" the MU-MIMO on the APs that are capable of this functionality.


"...the first thing I do all of my systems, that I implement, is turn off transmit beamforming and turn of MU-MIMO support. If the vendor's equipment supports that, I turn them off immediately. They are very high overhead and give no meaning value what so ever." (44:38)


Hope this helps.


Hi Hammer,
Thanks for the reply and including the actual transcripts / quotes from the Webinar advising MU-MIMO to be turned off. I must admit I was kind of multitasking while watching(listening) to the webinar and my key takeaway from the Webinar was that the MU-MIMO has a very little performance gain as per the slide #17 of 24 “Focusing on MU is like picking up pennies when $100 bills are lying all around you” here

Overall, I would agree with turning off the MU-MIMO, if it did actually cause these system meltdown and I’m wondering if there is any data to show this info?

Once again thanks for sharing the webinar and responding to my post!

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+1 agree with Philip,


In what application would you want to turn these technologies off?

It's like asking to turn off power steering in a car!

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