How to by anyconnect lisens

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How to by anyconnect lisens

hello, I tried the AnyConnect in mx64 it works, and the clients use the app it.  I don't enter any license in the Meraki dashboard but it still worked!

how many days will anyconnect worked without license? and how to buy the lisens and how to connectd with Meraki dashboard 

sorry for my bad English 🌻

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It is expected that customers have an any connect license to use the feature. Meraki does not validate that you have a valid license. 


Licenses can be purchased through a partner and applied to the dashboard. The below link contains most of the information you're looking for.

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Any Cisco reseller will be happy to sell these licenses to you. I would first ask the reseller that sold the MX to you. Or if you tell us where you are located, here on the community are a couple of resellers that can help you.

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